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You´re looking for something special?

We find your dreamcar.


From storage, to shipping or pickup

Vintage Car.  Bike. Parts.

Whatever you need

Cars or Parts

 Our Service. Your Safety.

We take care of buying and transport to the next US port


We can send an expert to inspect your dreamcar (USA Mainland).


Container or RoRo shipping from any US Port



13 MAY

We take care of all customs and fees during your shipment

We bring your car to your doorsteps - if you like.




We support thru European regulations for making your car street legal. We can customize you car in our own shop !



Delivery to your doorsteps.

You will get a detailled offer before we start.

Every offer is unique.

These are the costs you have to calculate:




Assessment (optional)


Buying and transport to next US port


Shipping to your country


Customs & Fees 


Transport to your doorsteps (optional)


Paperwork for street legality (optional)


Our partner-site! We are focussed on Ford Mustang from 1964 to 1973. Cars, Projects, Parts (NOS) and Customizing

FLEurope LLC

317 Bernard Rd

Jacksonville, FL 32218 



You dream about a US car, a classic or a bike? 

Make your dream come true - with us.

If it exists what you´re looking for - we will find it!

Feel free to contact us. 

The better we know what exactly you are looking for, the easier for us to find it.

Big Block V8 Motoren from Ford, Chevy, Dodge, Chrysler, GMC, Edsel, Mercury, Lincoln or Cadillac…

2 Stroke Power from Harley or Indian…

Out of the  30s, 40s or 70s…

Used or new car - no problem? 

An old rustbucket for a father-son project or 

a Frame-off restored showcar in the hunt of  trophys?

A boat, Jetski, RV, quad, plane, Lawn Mower, or a big Charcoal smoker, a Golfcart or vintage Coke signs.


We find,

what you´re searching.

              US - PARTS

Stop buying Chinaware, get the wrong part or have trouble with the customs.

Buy original parts and send them to our warehouse. 

We store your parts and ship it safely in a container on a regular base. 

With fair costs! No hidden fees or traps!

A new suspension for your vintage car, Parts for your bike, Full engines, Wheels, Spoiler, Sheet metal or a new prop for your Cessna. 

Our offer is individually on weight and size.

After arrival in your country, we deliver to your doorsteps.

You can always track your part.

You need your part real quick? 

It´s all about logistics. 

Air freight and express delivery?

It´s your choice.